Puppets made by kindergarten Storylab students at The Advent School in Boston, MA.

Poem by 8-year-old Rosa on making a new friend. Boston, MA.

Writing Workshops

Story Party (Pre-school) - In this class, we will bounce into literacy with an alphabet dance party, word games to expand our verbal imaginations, letter-learning sensory tables, a Silent E scavenger hunt, group story-time and props to enter a make-believe world. Together, we will also bake a letter-themed treat that kids and grown-ups are invited to enjoy at pickup.


Storylab (Kindergarten) - Calling young storytellers! In this class, we will sharpen our narrative skills with Pass-a-Story games and lots of other team-oriented imaginative play. We will read interactively to learn about the structure of stories, draw a host of silly made-up characters, and create puppets that we’ll use to brainstorm our own fairy-tales.  We will also bake a tasty treat as a class that kids and grown-ups are invited to enjoy at pickup.


Poetry Picnic (1st - 3rd grade) For budding transcendentalists.... Come write in the grass. In this class, we will use our five senses to describe the world we see.  After warming up our brains with imagination-building and focus games, we will read nature-themed poems and write a few of our own. Then, grown-ups are invited to join us for a picnic while listening to the kids read their new work. 


Puppet Players  (3rd-5th grade) - In this creative workshop, young artists will combine their visual, dramatic, problem-solving and storytelling skills. Students will break into groups and write short scenes that present new endings to famous stories: What happens next? With a little guidance, they will create puppets out of recycled materials, and perform their devised puppet-plays for an audience at pickup.

Character Carnival (3-5th grade) - What creatures dance through your mind? In this class, each student will create their own character. Together, they will develop them through a combination of dramatic and literary games, then write and perform monologues in their characters' voices. 

Middle School Writing Workshop  (6-8th grade) - Students will receive prompts to zap their creative brains into action. They’re invited to bring in creative writing to workshop, either as a class or one-on-one.  They'll learn through direct instruction and modeling about gentle, constructive workshop guidelines. As a class, we'll plunge into the gristly work of editing and revising. Students at any stage will be encouraged to share their work in this creative circle. 


Visual Journaling (6-9th grade) - (Co-taught by RISD-trained artist Kathryn LaMontagne.) In this class, students will create blackout and erasure poems, exquisite corpses, collages, maps and charts. They'll learn new tactics of creative expression, and receive combinations of verbal and visual assignments to express their thoughts and feelings.

High School Writing Workshop (9th-12th grade) - A chance for high-school writers to uncork their creative brains.  Students will receive writing prompts, create collaborative stories, and workshop their creative writing for feedback from the class. They will also discuss their work one-on-one with me, for a chance to talk through the writing process and integrate classmates' comments.  This class will encourage constructive feedback, wild thinking, and thoughtful editing. 

Have another workshop idea? I can create one for your school. 


For workshops or birthday parties: Kradigan@wesleyan.edu

Storytelling workshop at The Wheeler School in Providence, RI.

Poster for Story Day at Hill House Inc in Boston, MA.