Graphic by Vagabond City Lit


Brooklyn Poets Interview (January 2020)


"Twenty-Two" in The Antigonish Review (2019)


"Babysitting" in Carve (July 2019)

Talking with Ree Sherwood from Carve  (July 2019)


If You're Not Happy Now, Broadstone Books (March 2019)

"Monarch" in New Ohio Review (May 2019)


"Echocardiogram" and "Doom Seuss" in apt (October 2018)

"Milk Bone" in Construction (August 2017)

Four Poems in Softblow (2017)

"My Mother" in The Academy of American Poets (May 2017)

Three Poems in Drunk in a Midnight Choir (fall 2016)

"I Want to Be Dead" in Maudlin House (fall 2016)

"A Little Song" the Adroit Prize for Poetry, Editor's List  (February 2016)

"Free Chair in Dialogist (2016)

"Borrowers" and "My Mother" in Vagabond City Lit (June 2016)

"Love Poem for Scarecrow" - Adroit Prize for Poetry Editor's List (2013)

"Jesus and His Toga" in PANK Blog (February 2011)

 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, 2013.